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Shaking Hands with the future


Our story is just unfolding and inspired by my personal involvement in the entertainmentCREATIVE POT MEDIA - Copy industry. My inability to build a profitable and sustainable business has provided me with a good foundation to start developing a more meaningful business. I have always loved the Cultural and Creative space, especially the music industry.  It was when i realised that i was actually attracted to the power of SPOT light when i faced my fears and how artistic people get attracted to it. How it has shaped and retired many who have tried to get its attention. The lessons and experiences i have been part of have somehow opened my perspective quite widely. My light is now to solve much bigger business problems in a much bigger space than just music space alone.

When I had an opportunity of doing what i have always wanted to do in 2015. I thought i would just go in and start making money, i thought i had everything planned and ready to be executed. Mama Mia i was wrong, There were many things done wrong more than done right. When i look back and connect the dots backwards, i appreciate the amount of growth i have achieved from what i have done wrong. I realise that these were some of the business tutorials i would have not found anywhere had i not gone through this practical experience.

I am a fanatic, a big lover of entrepreneurship, working with entrepreneurs has provided me with a true life purpose which i have now dedicated my life into doing. There is a strong need for impactful entrepreneurship than before, this realisation and willingness to take risks in empowering Africa’s growth Cultural and creative entrepreneurs to build viable, profitable and sustainable businesses in order to build the Africa we want is at the centre of my purpose and bigger “WHY”. The need to deliberately develop our cultural and creative economy is no longer a government responsibility, but the responsibility of growth oriented entrepreneurs. Their growth focus has benefits for the continent in providing the most needed social relief in the form of employment creation for the current and future generation. The need to improve the standard of living of our fellow Africans, especially the youth and woman of our continent is in the success of entrepreneurship. This continent is dependent on the quality of entrepreneurship and my business has chosen to be at the centre of all this momentus task by providing Cultural and Creative entrepreneurs in African with all the “Know How” in their start up and growth phases of their businesses.

These are some of the learning and experiences i want to share with fellow new comers in business and those who are thinking of starting their own businesses. After a rude awakening in the entertainment space, i started a second phase of my business model, which is providing business solutions in the market. My business is now focusing on improving people’s lifes in the bigger Creative economy. We are now a business development platform for SMME’s and growth oriented Cultural and Creative entrepreneurs in the Cultural and Creative industries in Africa. Most components of what i do exposes me to an enomous amount of knowledge and an opportunity to help those who are and have started their businesses. In this blog platform i will share my learnings with those who are new comers and not aware of the end to end business practices in order for them to be empowered and drive their businesses towards the direction they want. Business acumen and skills is one of the challenges in Africa, the cultural and creative industries is not immune to these challenges. I will also be learning from my fellow bloggers and content creators in order to enrich both myself and the Cultural and Creative entrepreneurs in Africa.

I love story telling and the amount of teaching this activity provide us with as people. I suppose this is the love that shaped my passion for business, Talent development, career management and anything that has to do with development and growth. My story is about benefiting those around me, sharing all the knowledge and experiences I have accumulated in my career over the years. Its about making the lives of businesses and business people much easier by supporting them while they are pursuing their dreams of building viable and sustainable businesses.

I hope to touch your life in one way or another and thank you for taking the time and visiting our blog…

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