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Shaking Hands with the future


Our story is just beginning and far from being perfect. Spending time in the CREATIVE POT MEDIA - Copyentertainment industry has given me a good foundation to build my company on. I have always loved the music industry and its vibrancy. I guess my attraction to it has always been the power of SPOT light and how artistic people get attracted to it. How it has shaped and destroyed so many who have tried to get its attention. The lessons and experiences I have been part of have somehow opened my perspective quite wide. My light is now to solve much bigger business problems in a much bigger space than music space alone.

I am a fanatic, a big lover of corporate history and how it has shaped our thinking as society. We often define ourselves according to our jobs and professions. Once we are privileged to be part of this history, we just get lost into it and almost forget about everything else. My love for this history started while I was growing up in the organization I worked for as a banker. I found it fascinating to spend time uncovering corporate stories that were similar to life stories I was used to. The similarities of these stories and how they were narrated presented me with an ability to choose my path and create my own competencies.

The corporate environment has empowered me with so many life lessons and experiences that I feel I need to share with those I interact with on daily basis. Part of the lessons I have learned is the ability of unlearning and relearning new ways of doing things from those who have achieved incredible results in their lives. The ability to quickly adapt to changing times and be part of the changing world that is constantly changing beneath my feet. Our life perspective is mostly shaped by culture, value system, goals and everything that organizations stand for. We emulate our organizations, our thinking is shaped by what we do in these organization.

When I had an opportunity of doing what I have always wanted to do in 2015. I thought I would just go in and start making money, I thought I had everything planned and ready to be executed. Mama Mia I was wrong, There were many things done wrong more than done right. When I look back and connect the dots backwards, I appreciate the amount of growth I have achieved from what I have done wrong. I realize that these were some of the business tutorials I would have not found anywhere had I not gone through this experience. These are some of the learnings and experiences I want to share with fellow new comers in business and those who are thinking of starting their own businesses. After a rude awakening in the entertainment space, I started a second phase of my business model, which is business solutions. My business is now focusing on improving people’s lives in the bigger Creative economy. We now provide business solutions to SMME’s and Business Individuals in the South African Creative industry. Most components of what i do exposes me to an enormous amount of knowledge and an opportunity to help those who are just starting up. In this blog i will share small business processes for those who are new comers and not aware of the administrative business direction they need to take. Business planning, cultural and creative industries as well as sharing opinions in a number of areas of interests. I will also be learning from my fellow bloggers and content creators in order to enrich both myself and my chosen audience.

I love story telling and the amount of teaching this activity provide us with as people. I suppose this is the love that shaped my passion for business, Talent development, career management and anything that has to do with people development and growth. My story is about benefiting those around me, sharing all the knowledge and experiences I have accumulated in my career over the years. Its about making the lives of businesses and business people much easier by supporting them while they are pursuing their business goals.

I hope to touch your life in one way or another and thank you for taking the time to  visit our blog…



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