So how have you showed up in your business today, have you showed up with your best foot forward or just as your usual self? These are some of the questions your people ask everyday in your business. They wonder if they will ever see their leaders lead the day, let alone the business throughout the day.
Growing up in a big corporation, I have learned the impact of leadership visibility in the business. Influential leaders make the time to show up in places that are most important, ‘Their business’.I have appreciated how some leaders have innovated their visibility in the 21st century. How customers and employees have grown from seeing their leaders being visible, just to enhance their work and customer buying experiences.
  1. First hand experience– There is no better learning about your business than to get it from both your customers and employees. This experience allows you to see things from both the employee and customer perspective. It allows you to understand your business fully and improve your problem solving and decision making on certain business aspects.
  2. Develop crucial relationships– with both customers and employees at the same time. Most customers feel appreciated when engaging with the organization from an upper level. This becomes a stored experience for them and they sure share it with their families and friends.
  3. Opportunity to engage– with both your staff members and customers about anything that could enhance their experience of associating with your business. It also allows you an opportunity to understand things from a social level. you will be amazed of what you can learn when interacting with people from a social level, in their own environment.
  4. Commitment renewal– There is a high level of commitment renewal every time leaders are visible in their businesses. Leaders get to recommit to areas that requires their motivation. This renewal is also predominantly from employees who sees this visibility as an inspiration for themselves. Leaders should not underestimate the power of one minute talk with employees, it does more to an employee in terms of motivation than any extrinsic reward you will ever offer
  5. Self Learning– for leaders who are making and taking the time to be visible. There is an opportunity to learn and understand  customers and business process from people who are engaging with it on daily basis. There is nothing valuable than this level of learning for leaders in business.


In recent years we have seen leaders extending their visibility to social media platforms. This has allowed them an opportunity respond to pressing challenges instantaneously. This type of visibility also enhances the level of engagement with employees and customers, thus improving relationships and confidence in the leadership of the business.

The impact leaders can have;

  • Share Business Strategies– I am a strong believer that if your employees cannot communicate your plans or strategies to clients, your strategies will fail. Share as much as possible with your employees about what’s next.
  • Knowledge Transfer – Ensure that the correct knowledge is consistently transferred to your people to empower them to make decisions.
  • Coaching –  Perform the “on the spot” coaching, it is more effective than you can ever imagine. it allows you to improve things immediately
  • Develop Employees – Small businesses are constrained in terms of resources. Ensure that you have structured development plans for people, especially in the decision making roles to correctly empower them. This will help to alleviate some of your pressures so that you can focus on what you must do.
Small business owners and entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this engagement. They can capitalize on this knowledge and make a much bigger impact in their immediate space by influencing decisions and driving performance and business culture. This visibility should not just be physical and non productive. It should be to lead and engage the entire business.