imageThere is one trend that is consistent every year, the trend of making New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions are simple personal goals we come up with for the year ahead. We treat goals  differently as individuals. Some of us take them as a personal and private activity that cannot be shared with anyone. While others feel no need to keep them private. Goals are different for each one of us; we put all sorts of things down and work towards achieving them. We usually get fascinated at the beginning of each year, motivated, enthusiastic and ready for action. At the end of the year when we review what we have achieved, we come up with  intelligent answers as to why we did not achieve.

These goals are ranging from:

  • Getting Married,
  • Buying a new car
  • Changing a job
  • Quit smoking and alcohol and the list is endless.

My 2013 Container I am one of the people who make resolutions every year. for me this is just a promise that I make to myself every year. I usually take yourself as a second person when making this promise. I treat it as if the second person I have made this promise to is expecting me to deliver the promise on the set date. In my container for 2013 I had a number of things, some were achieved in 2013 and others will be achieved in future. I make sure that when I make these goals, I only focus on few, especially those that will open opportunities for other goals. The following were my goals in my container for 2013:

  • Education
  • Business
  • Growth
  • Social
  • Family and Personal

Some of these goals are small and achievable in the short term, and others are big and achievable in the medium to long term. I also make sure that I keep my timeline within 12 calendar months to complete or start a goal.

My goals are CSMART: C= challenging S= specific M= Measurable A= Achievable R= Reachable T= Time bound. This keeps me motivated and willing, to put more effort into driving actions that will lead me into achieving these goals. I don’t make goals on things that are business as usual, but I make sure that I accelerate those that are already part of my life. I always prioritize goals according to the level of my strengths and opportunities. This gives me enough freedom to be effective and efficient in executing goals that I am pursuing. I have noticed people spending more time on things they know they will not achieve with their current strengths. I rather spend 95% of my time and resources on things that are within my reach (strengths), than spend 95% of my time on things that I know I won’t be able to achieve. I find this method working for me and I am effective when my allocation is within my strengths.

I like sharing my resolutions with those who are close to me. I often have a session with both my mentor and my coach around resolutions at the beginning of the year. It helps to have someone motivating and holding me accountable on the things I want to achieve. It also attaches a level of seriousness and commitment to those goals. I find people having a long list of goals, and not sharing with anyone.

Reflecting on 2013 container: Reflection is an important skill I have learned this year, it allows me to take stock in all the components of my life. It allows me to put things into perspective, appreciate what has gone well and acknowledge what has not gone so well. It also gives me a moment of measuring all the activities I have committed to and put that tick where necessary. I use this technique all the time, every week I make sure that I look back and see how things have gone. This allows me to pick up celebration and shortfalls quicker and deal with them appropriately. I am able to have an opportunity to review certain things before embarking on the way forward.

2013 has been a great year for me, a year of achievements. I have achieved at least 80% of the things I wanted to achieve in all the categories. In some instances I have achieved more than I have planned for. This year presented me with so much, I have grown so much in 2013 compared to other years, and I am grateful for that. There are also areas I did not achieve and I have intelligent answers for those. Those I did not achieve, I will prioritise them in 2014 and deal with them accordingly.

2014: This will be another opportunity for me and you to give it another shot at those resolutions we were unable to achieve. It will be another chance to pick up where we left off in 2013. This time around, let’s have a maximum of five goals that we can achieve, instead of having 20 that we cannot achieve. I have my five goals for 2014 already, and I am happy to share them with this community.

  • Focus on the growth of my business
  • Register for a scriptwriting course
  • Read 20 leadership material
  • Improve on relationships
  • Learn the television and movie industry (The business side)

I hope by the end of 2014, I will be talking celebrations with you, celebrating all we have achieved for 2014. Happy 2014…..