Understanding your online audience

Understanding your audience is crucial in choosing the correct content. It allows you to construct and send correct messages to your audience. I have learned that online writing is different from print and any other type of writing. The 76% of people who read on the web, read differently compared to those in print. They scan instead of reading the entire document or content. The more you know your audience, the better the chance of selecting the correct content for your audience.

Audience and the online content trust issues

Trust is crucial in driving correct traffic into a website. Trusted websites are content driven, not design driven. The look and feel of a website plays a role, but not as crucial as content. Well organized websites provide users with material that is frequently updated. It is important for website writers to know and ensure that content is updated all the time. There is nothing frustrating than going into a site and find that the content is outdated. When this happens, people lose trust and might not visit your site anymore.

Three primary online content trust factors

  • The content must be good
  • Properly researched and developed
  • The design must be simple
  • There must be few grammatical errors

The good online content is king, and spending time on searching good content will save you time and the audience. It is the combination of different factors that retain and attract audience to a website. As an Web writer you need to be aware of the needs of your online audience and meet them with good content.